The spatchcock chicken

Who doesn’t love chicken unless your vegan or vegetarian that is, I say each to there own. I did try be vegan lasted about 6 months, but in the end I went back to meat

spatchcock is when you remove backbone, allowing you to flatten out the chicken completely.

Thing I love about chicken is the recipes are endless I must have so many on my Instagram, from full chickens to fillets to wing and drumsticks all with different flavour. I do find myself using a lot of yougurt lately, like this one is yougurt and red pesto.

To spatchcock chicken get a scissors and cut from the bottom up along the back bone. There is plenty of YouTube videos to show how to do this properly.

I used plain Greek yougurt and red pesto and got my hands dirty and rubbed this into all the legs dirty job but someone has got to do it, I done this about 9am so come dinner time this bad boy will be ready for the oven about 5pm.

Why do people spatchcock? Well the reason I do it is because I find its less cooking time and cooks more even.

I like to start cooking at 170c for 40 minutes on flat tray and then usual turn the chicken over but with this marinade it will come off the chicken and look awful so after 40 minutes turn the heat up to 190c and Cook for 10 minutes. Cook with your eyes if it’s looking like it’s getting to black or cooking to quick simply turn the heat down and cover in foil be careful it doesn’t stick or it will take the skin off when you remove the foil.

When I know my chicken is done I love to turn on the grill or broiling if your in USA. This will give you a beautiful colour on top.

Serve this with sweet potatoe wedges and salad, this is a meal I would gladly have any day of the week.

Happy spatchcocking thanks for reading.

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