The smoked bacon medallion hash

This dish went down so well I will remake it with different elements. The base is steamed then fried potatoe cubes with caramelised red onion.

We had something like this in the restaurant I worked in but I changed a few things so let’s dig in.

We start by cubing up peeled potatoes about 4 large potatoes then slice in 3 and cut into cubes, try cut the ends to have the cubes the same size but don’t worry if they aren’t it will still work. If you have a steamer then steam, if not then put them into boiling water for 5 minutes, they will cook quick so be careful, keep checking you don’t want them to soft, when they are ready take off and let cool on tray.

Next we will make the caramelised red onion, peel and slice two red onions. Heat 2 spoons of oil, cooking or olive oil I like grapeseed oil the heat point is 195c so it works perfect. When they start to soften add 2 spoons of sugar, pinch of salt and cook till they caramelise.

Start to Heat up your deep frier or oil which ever method you use for deep frying. Temp is 130c

Then we will grill the smoked bacon medallions, mushrooms and tomatoes. The turkey medallions will take 6 min each side, when the mushrooms and tomatoes are done you can leave them at the bottom while you wait for the medallions

Your oil should be nearly ready to fry when you drop your potatoes be careful as they will have water on them, the oil will flare up. Keep shaking to stop sticking, when they have a little colour lift up and turn the heat up to 150c

Nearly there I know it’s a lot for one meal but it will be worth it. Fry an egg when the egg is 1 minute away drop your potatoes you want them crispy. Have a wok ready on the heat. Put a spoon full of your caramelised onion in and heat up when they are hot add your potatoes, season with salt and pepper add some rocket and take off the heat.

Now everything should be ready to go. Get your bowl and add the potatoes with the rest of your elements. This should be done your way, you can see they way I built mine, food Is a personal choice so build it they way you want, it will look and taste amazing.

I loved making this dish. It does seem alot while I was writing this but it’s not that hard and the outcome will blow your mind.

Thank you for reading . Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


  1. Well done my man looks great x So now I know what I am having for lunch next week xx I will be your food critic !
    Looking forward to seeing you all xxx
    Love Dad xx

    Liked by 1 person

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