Smoked Turkey bacon, black Irish pudding, sundried cherry tomatoes, perfectly boiled egg on a toasted cob spread with a herb cream cheese

When I had this recipe in my head I couldn’t have pictured it turning out and better, beautiful colour from the delightful Irish black pudding, the slightly browned cherry tomatoes, and that pop of yellow and white from that perfect boiled egg.

If you can get a good quality Irish black pudding for this recipe, getting your egg right is key, I like my egg little running but not to much, I put mine into boiling water for 5 minutes then take out and leave sitting for 1 minute before I peel them.

Any bacon will do this justice turkey or pork bacon, I like smoked but your choice on that one.

With the cherry tomatoes slice in half and take out the inside with a knife, then roast them for about 10 minutes on 180c you want them with a little dry, season with salt and pepper.

Try get a good quality Irish black pudding and grill it, when it’s done crumble it and keep warm.

When you have everything nearly good to go, take your toast and drizzle with olive oil before you toast it. A nice cob or sourdough will work nice.

Then cover in cream cheese, add your bacon, then throw on your black pudding and cherry tomatoes, and slice your egg in wedges.

Sit down enjoy and let this beautiful breakfast set you up for the day.

If you have any questions please leave a comment.

Thanks Patrick.

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